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The One Where Maaret Buys a Horse 06.03.2013
The Great Cuban Visa Run 22.02.2013
Cocktails in Havanna 31.01.2013
Press the Pedal 23.01.2013
Drinking Beer in a Burkha 19.04.2010
Swazi Secrets 10.12.2009
101 of Travelling by bus in Africa 09.12.2009
The dotted horizon of Vilankulo 09.12.2009
Who says beach life is boring? 08.12.2009
Bracelets, bangles and batiks in Mozambique 08.12.2009
The confined safety of Pretoria 03.11.2009
Looking back on the early days of travelling 01.11.2009
Driving Into the White 13.10.2009
It's all about the wedding... 12.10.2009
The City Within a City 26.09.2009
London According to Fred 22.09.2009
Greetings from the Underground London 16.09.2009
Line Up the Last of the Summer Houses 30.08.2009
When the Light's Finally Switched On 12.08.2009
Beach Life at the Arctic Circle 29.07.2009
Beautiful People 15.07.2009
What's the Deal with the Giraffe? 07.07.2009
On the Subject of Backpacking 23.06.2009
Bring Back Africa 12.06.2009
London Rain 28.05.2009
And So It Goes 26.05.2009
Is It a Taxi? A Minibus? A Matatu? No, Just a Boda-Boda. 18.05.2009
A Leopard Crossing 06.05.2009
Are You Sure We're Still in Africa? 03.05.2009
Zenzational Zanzibar (despite the rainy season) 26.04.2009
A Slow Zambian Get-Away 17.04.2009
The Ku'omboka 12.04.2009
Welcome to the Next Tick-Box, Honey 08.04.2009
What Was Lost in the Desert 20.03.2009
Solace of the Familiar 20.02.2009
Last Thoughts on Lusaka 08.02.2009
How to Catch a Criminal 30.01.2009
Week in the Life of a Volunteer 25.01.2009
...But a Black January 16.01.2009
A Pretty Good Year 02.01.2009
Monkey Gland Sauce with Kuche-Kuche 30.12.2008
Almost Rosey 16.12.2008
The Token White Chick 13.12.2008
Danish Pig Fest in Lusaka 06.12.2008
Conversations With Cultural Differences 01.12.2008
Where There's a Will, There's a Pub 26.11.2008
(Funny?) Tales of the City 12.11.2008
A Hippo Under the Tent 06.11.2008
On the Verge of New Zambia? 29.10.2008
Lusaka Mornings 23.10.2008
The Great Visa Chase, Chapter 2 13.10.2008
It's not Negativity, But Just the Way It Is 10.10.2008
Polish Mafia Meets Future Husband 02.10.2008
Real-life cliches 23.09.2008
Kitchen Parties and the Agony of Love 16.09.2008
First Day of School 10.09.2008
An Exceptionally Bad Start 30.08.2008